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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Um... Ahoy, thar...

I have to keep this quick... the walls they are watching me. I've been deeply immersed in this shitty, shitty project for the past 2 weeks or so and i have to get this shit done before i get the F out of this shitty, shitty department. Shitty.

But there is a bright spot. June 1st is my official start date in my new job and i CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF HERE. I am really excited and am just now trying to clean out my stuff and make moving to my new cube (what, like i don't deserve an office? I so totally do. Pshaw) a little easier. The best thing about the packing and moving is that most of the crap on my desk is going to be totally useless in my new position so i can just leave it like litter in my old cube. Nice.

I have been virtually non-existent in the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks and for that i apologize. I even have a 5 question interview thingy from DaNator that i have not gotten to yet. Don't worry, Nator! I'm getting there! Eventually!

This lovely Memorial Day weekend will be spent in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine with TheBoy and I am impatiently waiting to get on the road with him. I love road trips and this'll be a nice long one - about 9 hours according to mapquest - which is just fine for me. We've been to Bar Harbor before. For Memorial Day weekend in 2004 and it was such a great trip that i wanted to try to relive it.

So this weekend, we'll be eating lobster like it's going out of style (for CHEAP - gotta love Maine) and hiking around in the woods and on Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the east coast at 1532 ft, in Acadia National Park. And lets not kid ourselves into thinking that Claire is going to climb a mountain because, cha! There's a road to the summit. We be driving, thank you.

But being a total lardass is not going to stop me from climbing around the rocks and trails once i get up there. It is an absolutely beautiful view and I can't wait to get up there and hop around on the rocks. In fact, here's a picture from last time.

Look at that, isn't it a gorgeous view?

That's me on Cadillac Mountain. This may be the first picture of myself that i've posted on the internets and oh, isn't it disappointing? You can't even see my face. Ah, well.
And don't be judging all my poofiness, there. It was windy and that is TheBoy's sweatshirt i'm wearing. That is why i am poofy. Take that, you judgers.

Have a good weekend!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shining Star atop a very Small Head

I don't even know what to say anymore. I am stuck waiting some more. More waiting and also again.

I do not have an official start date and i have to wait for my boss's boss to decide when they will be ready "to release me". This person has no great love for me so i am somewhat surprised that he is not jumping at the chance to throw me to another department. But on the other hand, i can see how it would be fun to torture me with this bullshit for just a little bit longer... bastard.

Anyway. I am really excited about starting this new thing and thank you for all of your well-wishes on Monday. However, i am just now starting to feel like maybe I threw myself into something that I'm not really prepared for. I keep hearing the words "challenging" and "make or break" or "throwing you in with your eyes closed". These are not comforting words.

But I'm also being told about being a 'shining star', which is encouraging and also? Freaking nice to hear. Look at that, my new boss might actually believe in me. How F-ING WEIRD.


It will be nice to finally move on and "embrace" my "challenges" or whatever you're supposed to do when you don't know anything about what the hell your job is.

It'll be fun. I'm sure of it.


Today i am experiencing Small-Head Syndrome. (I would Google this phrase to see if it is used elsewhere and not my own creation, but I'm at work and i have a feeling that not all of the hits would be PG. All i need is to be fired for surfing p0rn on teh innernets.) I have my hair pulled back into a ponytail, sort of straightened, and for whatever physiological reason it makes me look like i have a small head. As in: not proportionate to my body. Which is kind of weird.

I often notice this phenomena when I'm wearing something kind of bulky - like a sweater - and i have my hair up. It's noticeable. At least i think it is. And for the rest of the day i feel self-conscious about the size of my head.

Is this normal? Am i the only one? Hmm.

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Monday, May 07, 2007



I am so outta here I am so outta here I am so outta here I am so outta here I am so outta here I am so outta here I am so outta here!!!!!



Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mmm...salad.. gglllrlglgggmmmmhhhggg..

I'm still waiting on the job thing, so I'm not even going to talk about it. I mean, I've heard things. Good things. But i am biting my tongue until i get an Official Offer Letter because i don't trust anyone enough to actually follow through with just a smile and a nod. So. I'm waiting. And this is me not talking about it...

But let me just get out of the way that i am so, So, SO excited to (almost) know that I'm (almost, maybe) working with a great group of people who i can see right now from my window hanging out at the picnic benches chatting and laughing at lunchtime. I want to be a part of that.

Ok, I'm done. Next:

I am starting a new thing. I'm trying out that "jogging" thing that I've heard people talking about. Since a post on Sundry's blog, I've been inspired to get my ass out on the pavement and start moving. This stagnation has gone on way too long and I'm starting to feel like shit about not exercising anymore (or ever). I mean, after quitting the Weight Watchers, i've been really slacking.

So! Exercise! Walking! Eventually, maybe running! Fresh air! Good for me!

To add to that getting off my ass thing, i've gotten myself addicted to those new-fangled chopped salads (which i totally didn't understand when i saw the sign in the bagel place near home. Chopped salads? Like, why?) but wow, they're really good. And i'm not just blowing 'I'm-getting-all-healthy' and 'I-am-so-much-better-than-you-cause-i-gasped-and-snorked-my way-around-the-block' up your ass or anything. They're really good. Mostly because you can throw whatever mixture of total crap into a bowl of lettuce and chop it all up.

Which, honestly, is probably actually not entirely healthy. I feel like i'm doing a good thing for myself by eating salads every day, but it occurs to me that maybe i'm not so healthy after all.

Sure i'm using low-fat salad dressing and it's lettuce for crissakes, but my mix-in choices are probably not so great.

For instance, i like them with pineapple and mandarin oranges.

Yeah. Sugary.

Um, also, dried cranberries. And white raisins.

I totally suck at this diet and exercise thing. How do you make a salad unhealthy? Make it so that its full of sugar*. Smart.

Oh, but so good.

*Also, 'taco salads' accomplish this, too.

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