"Your biting sarcasm wounds me, Madam..."

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No proof-reading here. No time. Hooray for bad grammar.

I have small-head syndrome today.

I didn't notice it until I just looked in the mirror in the bathroom, but yeah. Small head. I decided this morning that not only did I not have time to actually do my hair, but also that I just didn't feel like it, so I put my hair up into a pony tail (which is a sad little excuse for a pony tail, since I've cut my hair to just about shoulder-length) and put on a sort of bulky, turtleneck sweater. The bulkiness of the sweater combined with the lack of hair mass has made me look kind of awkward and disproportionate.
Ie: Small-head Syndrome. Am I the only one that has ever thought about this? Ugh. I shouldn't even care - I am so, so tired today.


In other news, I am finally finished with class. My last ceramics class was last night and now I am completely finished with my Associates and therefore, a college graduate. Hooray! It's only a 2-year degree, but it took me 4 years to do it and I am so happy that I finally have a piece of paper to say that I've done something. Or at least I will have a piece of paper. Soon. I think. Though, I really have no idea when it will be arriving...

Also, I have no definitive plans for my bachelors (still) and both my parents are on my back about what I'm going to do next semester and what do you mean you haven't applied anywhere yet? and did you go talk to a transfer counselor? and did you research any scholarships? you must be eligible for something! you're not going to go to that crap-school, are you? Etc. I am stressed out enough without them getting all persnickety about it because, seriously. What the fuck am I doing? I can't believe I haven't applied anywhere yet and that I don't know where to go next and I really should go to a good school because my grades are good enough to be able to get in somewhere with a name and I need to go somewhere important for crissakes. Right?

No, probably not. It is only my bachelors. I am planning to continue after that for my MBA (I think) so that's the time I should worry about going to fucking Princeton or something. Not for my bachelors. No one will care where I got that. I think. Hope. Ugh.

So for now, I'm looking into a local SUNY (State University of NY) college because OHMYGOD is it cheap and I'm not one to pass up something cheap. They're not exactly ivy league or anything but hey, they're local. And cheap. Dad would like me to try for St. John's University because they're a fancy-dancy law school with a nice reputation, but $888 per credit (x3 credits = $2,664 per class hello I don't think so) is sort of restricting me from applying there. (Also, I just found that the campus that is nearby is just for Grad students, thank god. So I am off the hook, there.)

I have been receiving all kinds of college brochures like you do as a junior in high school and they're all so tempting and inviting and yet, I'm not going to Arizona or North Carolina because, dammit, I have a LIFE here and can't just up and leave. Though, believe me, I would love to- but it's just not feasible. Maybe I can convince TheBoy to leave his job, sell his house and spend 2 years out in the desert, but I don't think that's going to happen. Not for nothing.

Everything is all up in the air again and I'm going to have to settle it out. Will I take off the Spring semester? Yeah, probably, unless I start as an unmatriculated student which is still a possibility.

Just make it stop, please, ok? I think I've had enough of this.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What the frick?

Blogger won't let me switch to Beta. I've been putting it off for weeks and weeks because i am very much resistant to change and when i go and finally try to do it, it tells me no. Blogger is not ready for me to switch to beta and i should keep checking back to see when it is available to me.

Wha...? But there's been a thing telling me to do it and i can't post on some of your blogs and everything is all sucky with this beta thing out there and now they don't want me.

They don't want me.

I suck.

Stupid blogger.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Grape squabble

I'm back. Hello! Back again. And... now I can let my stomach churn with stress once again. Isn't that nice? There's nothing like coming home from vacation, it doesn't matter where from or however long you were gone - there is always something at home that was festering away while you were gone. In most cases it's work obligations or bills that you've been putting off. Mine happens to be christmas shopping, because I really thought I would get more shopping done while on vacation and it turns out that was not really an option when you have very little money and everything is very expensive. And that sucks because now I only have 2 weeks to shop for just about everyone on my list and I. Am. Going. To. Panic.

But the vacation was very nice and very much needed. The boat was wonderful and the people we met were very nice and if it weren't for the fact that we met most of them in the casino (uh, cause we spent an awful lot of time there) we would probably be better off. See, TheBoy discovered what fun blackjack is, and so spent a lot of money on his new hobby. I'm not innocent here, either, but an addictive personality shouldn't be playing blackjack is all I'm saying.

Anywho, here are some pictures and then I'm going back to work. I still haven't checked my work voicemail though I've been back since yesterday and therefore have no idea how many messages are waiting for me and quite frankly, really don't want to know.

Here is the cruiseline's private island. TheBoy and I did some snorkeling here which was lots of fun since we got to see fishies and stuff. I like fishies. However, it was completely overcast while we were there and the sun just came out again when we got on the little boat to bring us back to the cruise ship. Suck.

We went to the Altun Ha Mayan ruins in Belize. This was awful cool, though would have been better had it not been pouring when we got there. I didn't feel well to boot, so it was a shitty, shitty day and I wish I could have enjoyed the ruins more. Pyramids is cool, yo.

Next up - Grand Cayman where we visited the Sea Turtle Farm. Piles of turtles, everywhere. The bestest place ever. I took a skillion pictures of turtles and we even got to hold one and take pictures. If I felt comfortable putting my picture up here, you would see a very happy girl holding up a very pissed off-looking turtle. Awesome.

Here is Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica. So cool. They have groups of people that climb up the waterfall, which I would have LOVED to do had I known that that's what you do at Dunn's River Falls. I should have worn a bathing suit; I wasn't going to do it in my clothes because the thought of being soggy for the rest of the day really did not excite me. Eh, next time.

And here is a towel in the shape of an elephant. We got three of these guys over the course of the trip. Found them waiting in our room when we stumbled in late at night after throwing all of our money at the blackjack dealers. The first one was a snake-type thing, this was the second, and last was a gorilla. They really are cute and the cruise staff taught a class on board one day on how to make them. Because I guess some people want to make all of their towels at home into animals. You know. For parties. Or profit. Whatever.

That, in a very small nutshell, was my vacation. Obviously there are loads more pictures and if I didn't feel like I would totally get fired for sharing a picture of myself, I would just post a link to my online album. I might also do this if people liked looking at other people's vacation photos. Which I know they don't. So I won't bother you.

Also, thanks for the lovely birthday messages and such while I was away, that was really nice of everyone. My birthday was lovely, actually. It was one of the only days that the sun was out, so TheBoy and I spent the day laying on the sun deck of the boat and swimming in the pool. I've never done that for my November birthday, so that was pretty special. For dinner we went to the French restaurant on board and I had the server light a bit of duck on fire for me. Hotcha.

Back to work now, before the e-mails drown me and paperwork comes crashing on top of me. You know.