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Thursday, December 27, 2007


It is now 5:30. I have left the dogs outside for about 40 minutes now while waiting for the furnace guy to show up (not the guy i called this morning, mind you. He never called me back. I could have been dead by now).

I rushed home (even left about 15 minutes early) because the lady at the oil place told me he was about 10 minutes away, which made me panic because i didn't think he would wait for me if i wasn't home yet. So when i got here, i let the dogs outside and figured it would just be easier to leave them out there for the 10 or 15 minutes it would take before the doorbell rang. The evil, evil doorbell that creates all manners of high-pitched, frantic, horrified dog-noises (as well as dog-face-and-claw-against-door noises). I was trying to avoid that. Ah well. Now i will have damp, cold dogs once i finally let them back in.

This is all sucking, exactly according to plan.

And it's still cold in here.

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I'm sorry.

It was brought to my attention that you've been looking at a frenching rat for about a month now.
I did not realize that it's been that long.

It's been kind of a crazy few weeks and i started to write a post about my birthday weekend and then did not finish it and now who cares. It was a nice weekend, but at this point, it's kind of a waste to even talk about it.

Christmas was ok, but I've had a cold since last Friday, so my usual job of helping out my mother with dinner was much more of a chore than usual. I just couldn't get myself psyched about christmas. It kind of sucked. But i stuffed myself like an idiot as per usual and felt horrible afterwards.

In fact, so horrible that none of Christmas dinner stayed down.

Yay. Merry fucking Christmas, you have the famous New York Stomach Virus.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning was quite eventful in the ClaireBear household. But you probably don't want to hear about that, so much.

I wound up calling in sick to work yesterday which is never a good idea the day before or after a holiday. They actually want a doctor's note from me for being out sick. However, i did not get to the doctor's yesterday on account of my being in bed all day. ALL DAY. Which is not something i ever do, even when i'm sick. It was bad.

On top of all the horking, the heat in my house miraculously died last night. DIED. No heat. In the house. House is cold. COLD, COLD HOUSE. I have been frantically trying to call the furnace guy all morning and begging his voicemail to come to my house and fix it, but he has not yet, as of 12:30 called me back yet. The dogs will most likely have icicles forming on their snotty noses today but i'm pretty sure that with the fur coats and all, they'll be better off than i would if i were there. Especially BigDog. She enjoys the cold.

This here was my Weekly Wrap Up. I hope you enjoyed sharing in my Christmas misery.

Please wish me luck.

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