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Friday, November 09, 2007

Mmm... buffalo chicken...

I'm still working on the contacts thing. It's all gotten much easier, but that doesn't mean that i've mastered the process yet. It was very hard at the beginning. In fact, while at my eye doctor's training lesson, i was positive that i would have to wear them forever because i could not get them out. COULD NOT. It took me at least 45 minutes to get the damn things out. I nearly broke down in tears because it was so frustrating. But, you know, these things take time. Since i've starting wearing them, my left eye has not been happy and i wonder if i'm wearing the wrong prescription. Which totally sucks cause now i'll have to go back to the eye doctor. Bah.

But in other news, i'll be heading up to Boston this weekend for 'fancy corporate dinner thing' for TheBoy's job. Which means i have to wear 'fancy-ish cocktail dress' which is something i totally don' t own. I don't go to fancy cocktail parties and therefore have never properly prepared for one. I do have a very nice dress from Ann Taylor* that i wore on the cruise last year and am hoping that it's going to cut the mustard because there is no way that i can afford to go buy something new right now considering the awful lack of spare cash i have not flying around in my bank account. There are, instead, moths.

Before i even went to try on last year's dress, i knew there were going to be some problems. I was, at least one size smaller last year because i had been on WeightWatchers for most of the year leading up to the cruise. After the cruise, i gained back everything i had lost (and then some) and had since then been trying to find my discipline and will power amongst the cookies that have been finding their way into the house a little too regularly.

I joined again. 3 weeks ago. So far, i have only lost 4.6 lbs which is kind of 'meh', but i know i should feel all 'woooo!' and 'go me!!'. But in reality, 4.6 lbs does not help me fit into a dress that i wore last November. It does not even give me the "I lost 5 lbs!" star-shaped sticker from the nice ladies at the WW center.

I want my damn sticker.

And yet for lunch today, i had Buffalo Chicken pizza. Because i love buffalo chicken so and i cannot live without it. At least i didn't have the bleu cheese. And it was grilled chicken. I am not a monster.

I will undoubtedly be squeezing into my Ann Taylor dress on Saturday night anyway and let it crush my ribcage, happily, because i know one thing that will keep me strong with or without breathing.

There will be an open bar. Oh yes, there will.

And it will be good.

*Loft. It's from Ann Taylor Loft. Do you think i can afford a real dress from Ann Taylor? I scoff at you.

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  • Hope you had a good time in Boston. Where'd you go?

    As for the contacts problem, it might be the brand... my first pair irritated my eyes like crazy. After a week, I finally called the optometrist and said that I didn't think the contacts thing was going to work for me... he persuaded me to try another brand (with the same Rx), and it's been all hearts and flowers ever since.

    By Anonymous TwoBusy, at 11/12/2007 9:13 AM  

  • Hi - I've just found your blog and can proclaim not to be from your high school past, or clinically insane (not diagnosed yet anyway that is ;o) ), but had to comment....I've read bits out to my hubby who was in tears as well about your eye test..... every sympathy!!
    Well done on the weight loss - Go for that sticker as well.... you know you get get it!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/15/2007 3:43 AM  

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