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Friday, March 09, 2007

Am i actually writing about Michael Jackson? Ugh, i think i am.

I realize that i haven't posted anything in a little while and its not for lack of trying for crissakes. I've got 3 partially done posts that i lost interest in half-way through.

Wow, my creative inspiration is lacking.

But! I do have one thing that i feel i need to share with the innernets.

I am sitting here listening to Michael Jackson's greatest hits (or something) through the cubical wall and while i feel so, so confused that someone is listening to MJ at such a high volume, i am also feeling bizarrely nostalgic....
You know, about Michael Jackson.

So weird.

For instance, I just remembered when the 'HIStory' album came out. I was in the 6th grade and he had done that weirdo video that was broadcast on network television, where he danced around on top of the car and then smashed it up with a baseball bat? Like, what the hell was that about anyway? He grabbed himself at least 8 times while he was dancing on that car, and quite frankly, i think that's about 7 times too many. I recall my mother being a little horrified.

Oh, and then the "Remember the Time" video that took place in Egypt with Lisa Marie Presley and it was all Egypt-y and shit... And I think Magic Johnson was in it... And MichaelJackson was naked...

Wait. Let's linger a little longer on that, shall we: He was naked.

But then you go way back to the 80's when it was all "Thriller" and "Billy Jean" and i think of red leather jackets with a thousand zippers and single sparkly gloves. Things were so much more innocent then. Like that dancy "gang-knife-fight" in what video... was it "Bad"? I think so*. That was just ridiculously West Side Story of him, but you know, with less meaning.
My brother had a girlfriend back in ohidontknow 1989? that was WAY into MJ and even at the time, i thought that was really weird... and i was 9, you know.

Hee! BrotherM will be so happy to remember that, I'm sure.

Oh, Michael... what happened.... that fedora used to be so neato...

*see how i'm actually doing the research to make sure my facts are straight? Feh. It's only MJ. I can't be bothered.



  • Laws. And it sounds like you're young enough that you missed the real MJ, pre-plastic ssurgery and advanced weirdness. The Jackson 5 years were the best, but he seemed normal enough up through Off The Wall. Despite, or perhaps because of, Thriller being the record-breaking album that it was, that was when he finally started to go, how do you say? Teh Batshit Crazy.

    I wonder if it was the Jheri Curl juice. Do you think too much of it is toxic?

    P.S.: My best friend had a HYOOGE crush on MJ for years. As time went by, I teased her more and more mercilessly about it.

    By Blogger Da Nator, at 3/09/2007 6:17 PM  

  • Claire! I'm back! So much catching up to do!!!

    By Blogger The Fifth Floor, at 3/09/2007 11:16 PM  

  • I was so into MJ in the 80s - really. I remember standing out in a cornfield helping make political signs for a local sheriff we were all supporting listening to Thriller and going nuts. The music was so good. The music will always be good, as long as we don't see him...

    By Blogger The Fifth Floor, at 3/10/2007 8:37 AM  

  • I remember feeling sorry for him back in the Jackson5 days. poor little guy. as exploited and pimped as all those kids were its a wonder more of them didnt turn out to be raving lunatics. actually, janet is about due for a shooting spree.

    By Blogger First Nations, at 3/11/2007 7:47 PM  

  • da nator - well, i may not have seen the real MJ / Jackson 5 days first hand or anything, but was always aware that they did, in fact, exist. Teh Batshit Crazy is probably the most accurate description.

    Fifth Floor - Hey! Welcome back! I would say some of the music will always be good... Not so much his latest generation of weirdness. There's just no seperating the person from the music at this point. I mean, god.

    First Nations - Where is Tito, anyway? Eh? My guess - self contained psych ward.

    By Blogger claire, at 3/12/2007 8:52 AM  

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