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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What is it, Tuesday?

We were able to pick up the pups from their weekend of doggy-camp last night. Big Dog had a grand time, which we anticipated, and Little Dog finally warmed up to the staff after a day or two. So, $350+ later, we have them home again. The best part of all this is that they could barely lift their heads they were so tired once we got them home. I could walk around freely without having a dog-nose up my ass all night. It was great.


Here at work, there is a woman whom i have never seen eye to eye with in the 6 years that i've been here.* Somehow, she must have realized that she can make one's day miserable simply by making a phone call and utilizing a level harassment that is only available to those with such a grand sense of entitlement. Demanding and self-important are not nearly strong enough words to describe the kind of Bitch** she really is. I. Hate. Her.

Today, i was on the phone (speaker-phone) with the receptionist*** at the building B works in and was trying to walk her through setting up a piece of equipment she had never used before. I could hear B walk into the room, as her voice is unmistakable, and berate the receptionist about what she was doing with the equipment. Telling her she is doing it wrong, is going to break it, etc. Basically she was telling her she is stupid and doesn't do anything right.
Wow. I was stunned into silence and i don't know if she realized i was listening on the phone.

I feel like i just listened in on a domestic violence emergency hotline call.

People like this should not be allowed to interact with others.

Hate her.

*This will certainly get me fired.
**From here on, to be referred to as simply "B".
***This girl is a real sweetheart and works directly for B. Should not have to deal with being brow-beaten on a daily basis.


  • Yikes, and what a horrible interaction to overhear.

    I like to casually mention incidents like this to HR.

    By Anonymous Whinger, at 3/01/2006 1:37 PM  

  • I've been pretty lucky with who I work with, though as an educator I tend to work with lots and lots of women, which makes for LOTS of gossip! Sometimes I think outright bitchiness is better.

    By Blogger Jessica, at 3/01/2006 5:35 PM  

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