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Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow: A love-hate relationship

So then, the northeast got completely clobbered by a blizzard this weekend and I for one am glad that it happened over the weekend. I think we got something like 10 or 12 inches near me.
I love snow. I love watching it fall and cover up all of the imperfections of the world and make everything glow a shimmery white. It makes everything feel so peaceful and beautiful.

However, i also hate the snow. It just makes everything SO much harder. Like, for instance: my boss deemed it necessary for all in our department to be at work at 5:30am on snowy days. You're probably thinking, "that's insane!" Of course it is.

He does have his reasons, of course. I work in the Building Operations department who is soley responsible for snow cleanup, therefore making it necessary for everyone to get here early so that no one else has to walk through a foot of snow to get to their desks. But well, since i'm office staff, i only have to be here at 7:30am in the snow.. which is a whole 2 hours later. So, i guess i don't really have the ability to complain there. Except that i know what today's going to be like. I can already hear it going on in the hallways.

Everyone here complains* like its nobody's business. And for some reason, it's always me that they wander over to during the course of the day to put in their complaints in for further review. I don't know why they think I can do something about this stuff, but I certainly have nothing to do with it. Obviously, if i were in charge, we all would have had off today.
Maybe i'll leave early in protest.

In other news, the dogs had the time of their life yesterday in the snow. A foot of snow is ever so much fun to run around in, then throw your doggy-sister into a good mound of it. Then try and chew her face off. They're just darling.

You'll see what i mean when i get the pictures up here. Shortly...

*So not me


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