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Friday, February 24, 2006

Ugh... late night, no coffee

The Boy and i are going away this weekend and i'm totally not ready to go; i haven't started packing anything. But on the other hand, i would love to just drop everything this instant and get in the car and get out of here. At this time tomorrow... well, i'll be sleeping (its 8:30am for chrissake). But later on tomorrow, i'll be at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, just throwing my money away to appease the Slot-Machine God. He shall be pleased with me, i think. Yes, very pleased.

I really can't afford a casino weekend, but The Boy and i need a weekend away and we only get one chance per month as we have his children in the house every weekend but one per month. So this is it. Our weekend. Away. Connecticut is close enough to not need to take a long weekend from work, yet far enough to be off of this god-forsaken island. Plus, there's the opportunity to spend gobs of cash with little or nothing to show for it. Perfect.

I miss traveling like i used to. There was a time when my cousin and i vowed to go away every year to a different country for at least a week. We started when we were 20 yrs old (we're only 6 months apart and at the time we were really close, almost inseparable) and continued on for 3 years in a row (Paris, Rome & London) and then we stopped after that last time. I imagine* it was due to our lives changing and all that sort of thing.

So, since that last one, i've been trying to get whoever i'm dating to come on board with this fly-on-an-airplane-once-a-year thing. The year after London was Las Vegas, then last summer was Quebec and Montreal. Granted, we drove up to Canada, (but you know, we left the country so it all equals out). The difference is, back when i was living at home with Mom, these yearly excursions were supplemented throughout the year with mini-breaks and long weekends here and there in the mountains or at the shore. Now i'm living with The Boy and do not have a disposable income (stupid mortgage) and there are children (though certainly not mine) and dogs (which are just fuzzy children) and Boy has stupid job that doesn't let him take time off (he's a Very Important Person) and I really miss leaving at a moments notice.

With all this in mind, i would feel like a real shit if i ever mentioned going away with a girlfriend or something and leaving him behind to deal with all of those things listed above (especially the fuzzy 'uns; they're such a handful) and spending money that we really can't afford to waste.

I hate having to be a responsible adult.

This is possibly the worst punishment i could have ever thought of for whatever i did when i was a kid.


*I'm pretty sure i know exactly why we stopped doing that. But i just don't have the stomach to let the real answer sit here where it could quite easily be found. I'm using my name here, for god's sake.


  • So many tradeoffs to being an adult...but at least it feels like it's your choice now.

    That's what I tell myself when I DON'T go to Napa every weekend anymore.

    By Anonymous Whinger, at 2/24/2006 12:25 PM  

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