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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mama needs a new pair of shoes...

Mohegan Sun was very nice; we had a lot of fun there. Of course i'm saying that because we came out alright with the money and made it so that i don't feel guilty for spending money that we don't have (dontcha just love your credit cards?).

The only trouble that i had there was trying to getting my drink on. Yes, that's right.

I was really looking forward to getting plastered, so much so that i found a hotel nearby that had a shuttle-bus to the casino so that we wouldn't have to drive back at night. (I certainly couldn't stay IN the casino as $200 a night is way to rich for my blood. Hopefully now that i've been there, i'll start getting comps in the mail...) I hardly ever get to do something like that. Neither The Boy or i are very big drinkers, but under the right circumstances, i like to throw back a few. Woot. Look at me go.

So, with the drinking. I was under the impression that while gambling, the casino feels you should be cross-eyed and drooling so that you part with more money and make financially debilitating mistakes at the table games*. I mean, what's the point of throwing your money away if you're doing it while sober? That's just stupid.

There i am, sitting at a machine just plugging away at about 4 in the afternoon. Constantly scanning the croud for a girl with a tray... nothing. Drink, please? No, nowhere. Not until about 7:00 when we moved to the $1 machines** did the waitresses come out in full force.*** And was able to score 3 whole drinks over the period of about 2 hours. Woooooo. Fun. See? Now i'm spending more money.

So, other than paying $12 for two 4 oz drinks at the bar (the servers bring complimentary beverages) and having to chase the liquor-bringers, we had a really good time.

And The Boy scored an $864 jackpot on a slot machine. HA! There's the fun. I knew it was in there somewhere...

*Those games are HARD, man. I don't understand any of them. Blackjack, sure, but what the hell is a double-down? You just made Blackjack too hard for me. And is Baccarat really that popular? There were scads of Mini-Bacc tables and people had these little cards and golf-pencils. What's that about? Who can do that when they're drunk?

**I'm not stupid, i know there's more of a chance for them to pay attention to you at the higher priced machines. But, hello? I gave that first chick a $5 tip for one stupid drink. I'm a nice patron.

***and walking right past me.


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